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Green Policy

Hello Scotland is one of the leading destination management companies (DMC) in the country and, while catering for around 2500 people annually, we are continually aware of the need to be responsible for educating our guests, improving our own practices and promoting Scotland as a top sustainable tourism destination.

The means by which our groups travel, the waste produced as a result of them being here, the way in which our suppliers operate and, most importantly, the way in which we operate as a company, are important in making Hello Scotland an environmentally aware DMC in a somewhat controversial corporate environment.

As a company that sits between the supplier and the corporate consumer, Hello Scotland is working towards creating a more sustainable offering for our clients.

Key to this is being aware of and aiming to reduce our own environmental footprint, and to improve the green credentials of our supply chain.

In our efforts to marry Hello Scotland with the country’s aspiration to become one of the most sustainable destinations in the world, we have created a rigid Green Business Plan founded on setting and achieving progressive individual objectives.

We have outlined our commitments to improve our green credentials by:


  • Reducing commuting

  • Reducing electricity use

  • Reducing paper use

  • Reducing stationery

  • Buying from responsible suppliers

  • Selling responsible and sustainable services

  • Educating our stakeholders on 'green' issues

  • Promoting sustainability

"Our commitment to sustainability is central to the long-term development of the business. We have a sustainability strategy that is fully aligned with our commercial objectives and enables the business to grow and create value”

Elaine Hamilton


Managing Director

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